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Atlanta Cassandra Users Group

This group is for Cassandra users and those new to Cassandra to discuss all aspects of its usage, from schema design to operations.

OTP Developers

We're a bunch of developers who love to learn and share new technologies and skills.

Ember.js Atlanta Meetup

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Come and discuss topics related to the exciting new Ember.js and Ember-Data JavaScript frameworks in Midtown Atlanta.

Counterpoint Hackerspace

We are Counterpoint. Counterpoint is a hackerspace for technical-creative projects, doocratically run by our members. We are a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. Come and visit our space located in Roswell, Georgia. We teach, we learn, we share.

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Atlanta Artificial Intelligence Meetup

Anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Network ...

RIoT Atlanta

RIoT Atlanta is the Atlanta chapter of the RIoT organization. Collectively RIoT represents a network of technologists, engineers, business leaders, academics, policy makers, and entrepreneurs, all of whom have a stake in the Internet of Things industry. Companies ranging from startups to international heavyweights meet frequently to exchange ideas, to learn new technologies, and to create new opportunities. The Internet of Things is here, and it’s growing. Our mission is to create a community that captures IoT opportunities locally, nationally, and globally.


Fail often learn quickly... Lean startup uses customer development to reduce waste, reduce time to market, increase contact with customers and avoid incorrect market assumptions.

We're a group of tech entrepreneurs using the Build/Measure/Learn iteration loops in our startups. We're ready to talk implementation and share data from our experiments.

Learn More about Lean Startups: (

* The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries. *

Qualifications to become a member of this meetup:

1. This meetup is for Technology Startups only. Mostly Web startups...

2. You should have a tech company that you are currently starting and/or running or have started/run a tech startup in the last 12 months.

If you aren't sure if this group is a good fit, register and we will be in contact soon. Thanks!!

Southeast Information Technology Professionals

This group is up for grabs, I am stepping down.

Information Technology Professionals (IT Pro's) in the Southeast United States come together on a very regular schedule to learn about the latest and greatest technologies.

Atlanta Xamarin Users Group

Calling all Xamarin developers in the Atlanta area! We have started this Meetup to create a group which fosters the sharing of ideas and learning on Xamarin. This spectacular platform is an ideal digital solution that enables developers to easily create cross-platform mobile apps using a device's native UI with C#, simplifying mobile application creation. We hold hands-on sessions, solve problems, and bring in various speakers to cover a range of mobile development topics. This growing platform is young and together we'll be able to share ideas and challenges to make all our lives a little easier. If you're a developer, designer, manager, QA or mobile user, this group is right for you!

For up to date announcements follow us on Twitter: @atlxamarin

Southeastern Inventors Association

The Southeastern Inventors Association (SIA) is an innovative network for inventors and resource providers. Based in greater Metro Atlanta area, the SIA brings together a diverse group of people. From those just beginning their inventing journey to those with patent in hand combined with people who provide resources, we offer a chance to meet and collaborate twice monthly. Our association meets on the 4th Saturday each month (except 2nd Saturdays for Nov & Dec).

Each meeting has time for networking, a relevant speaker, and association business. We also meet in the evening the week following for a "happy hour" for inventors and interested resource providers.....a roundtable setting to share ideas, ask for advice, and find encouragement for the next step. Started in July 2014, our members come from very diverse backgrounds and their innovations are wide-ranging. From seasoned patent holders to those who are just beginning, visitors are encouraged to tell us how we can support each inventor's journey.

Atlanta SharePoint & Office 365 User Group

This is the Atlanta SharePoint and Office 365 User Group. We were founded in April 2009 and have finally made the move to Meetup. We are a community organization for all SharePoint and Office 365 users, developers, administrators and related professionals. Come join us on the third Monday of the month.

Learn to Code | Thinkful Alpharetta

Thinkful Alpharetta helps you learn new skills and become hired developers and data scientists. We host workshops, info-sessions, tech talks, and happy hours focused on helping you learn how to code. So whether you are just beginning to learn the basics, don't even know where to start, or have dabbled in development or data science already, come join us!

Big Data Atlanta Meetup

Atlanta Big Data! So we have gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes of data, but what is it good for? Our group will focus on analytics and highlight methods to find value in your big data, including but likely not limited to batch and stream processing, database applications, machine learning, predictive analytics, reporting and integration with the broader business intelligence and IT ecosystem. We will have regular meetups to discuss platform technology, solutions, success stories. Topics will include Architecture and platforms, Commercial products and implementations, Open source projects and integrations, and Local industry spotlight and use cases.

And of course we will make time to connect and network! Let's find big ideas in big data together!

GAIT - IoT Analytics Atlanta

This is a group for anyone interested in Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics, more specifically building an IoT Analytics solution using Big Data tools. I started this group to meet with IoT enthusiasts and IoTA professionals with the goal to discuss IoT business problems from a strategic non-technical perspective as well as from Big Data technologies side of things to discuss how data is acquired and stored, how it's processed & transformed and how it can be used to deliver business insights.

Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, & Information Security

Our group focuses on Network infiltration, Web application vulnerability testing, security assessments and of course CTFs.. Geeking out on all things InfoSec, play a little and Learn alot!
The goal is to have weekly meetings to hone our skills.

MidTown - ATL - Database, Cloud, Virtualization & Storage

Talk database, cloud, application, virtualization, big data, open-source and storage trends and new directions (Oracle, SQL Server, mySQL, SAP HANA, Azure, AWS, vCloud Air, Database-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, VMware, Hyper-V, Data Lakes, Cassandra, MongoDB, noSQL, CouchBase, Linux, Flash storage trends and new directions)

Atlanta Sitecore User Group

Focusing on the industry-leading Sitecore CMS platform, the Atlanta Sitecore User Group is a networking group located in the Greater Atlanta area.

It aims to provide Sitecore partners, clients, prospects, and developers an opportunity to network with one another, share best practices with the Sitecore platform, and learn more about the tool and the people who are leveraging it.

Membership is open to anyone interested in Sitecore Content Management Systems, from all levels of experience.

Join us at our next meetup! We look forward to meeting you!

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Atlanta CRM

There are multiple options for Customer Relationship Management software in your organization. How do you learn about the various options?

We formed this group to bring together a community of professionals involved in customer relationship management software. We gather to meet each other and share ideas to advance the adoption of various tools.

Who should join?

• Anyone interested in building extraordinary customer relationships

• Sales managers and directors learning about sales process in CRM

• Marketers learning how to use CRM

• Support professionals who want to target customer needs

Why should you join?

• Drive cultural change in your organization

• Energize your sales and marketing

• Network with sales professionals and CRM users

• Improve customer experience

Join us today!

Atlanta Salesforce Saturday Meetup

Salesforce Saturday is where Admins, Devs, BAs, and Users can come together over coffee/tea and share best practices and hone in on their skills.

Atlanta Windows Apps

We're a group of Developers, Designers, and Enthusiasts from the greater Atlanta area interested in building awesome Windows Store apps for Windows 8 and the Windows RT devices.

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