Why Does This Exist?

Why does this exist?

Long story short, this site exists because we couldn’t find a resource site dedicated to the Atlanta tech community. We get questions all the time from people looking for meetup groups, cool events, or someone to help fill a position at their company. So many emails, in fact, that it made sense to create a website to answer most of those questions. And this is it.

Many Thanks

This wouldn’t exist without the help of many people. Aaron Feng, John Dyer, Michael Langford, Patrick Van Stee, and Randall McPherson manage the Slack group. Andy Lindeman wrote the original Slack inviter and helped with a lot of other technical bits, Charlton Cunningham provided some great information about the community, William Hatch wrote some code that helped import meetup groups. JC set up this site. Tom Tortorici helped with the directories. Many others (you know who you are) helped in big ways as well and chose to remain unnamed.

Want to Contribute?

That’s awesome. We could use the help. Please contact us here.