Object-Oriented UX Masterclass

Get your hands dirty with Object-Oriented UX, a philosophy and methodology that modular design wizard Brad Frost called “fantastic”, responsive web pioneer Ethan Marcotte called “so very, very good,” and the fairy godmother of content strategy Karen McGrane gave a three thumbs up.

Since 2014, Sophia Voychehovski has been teaching the OOUX methodology to UX designers, product managers, executives, and developers. Now, Sophia is offering a redesigned and expanded two-day masterclass that will revolutionize (and simplify) the way you design digital products.

Decades ago, the development community experienced a revolution, moving the industry from procedural code to object-oriented code. Over the past few years, a similar revolution is happening within the design world. Across the globe, UXers are beginning to design in objects—objects that reflect users’ mental models, as well as behind-the-scenes CMSs and databases.

With OOUX, you’ll design elegant, modular systems that can travel across devices with consistency and efficiency. You’ll create systems of interchangeable parts with fewer moving pieces and less extraneous complexity.

For this fast-paced and fun workshop, leave your laptop at home. Using only sticky-notes and rough sketches, you’ll learn to design an object-oriented system that is derived from business goals and the way your users understand their world. You will architect relationships between objects that help a user get to content through content, taking pressure of persistent navigation that is so often ignored by users.

This is not the type of workshop that you’ll emerge from inspired…but wondering how to apply what you’ve learned. You’ll come into work on Monday itching to implement OOUX principles on your projects…and you’ll be totally prepared to do so.

About Sophia

Sophia is the founder of Rewired, a UX studio based in Atlanta, GA. Rewired consults to clients that are innovating in education, health, and the Atlanta community.  She’s often traveling across the United States or around the world, teaching her object-oriented UX methodologies (five countries and counting!). When at home, Sophis is  helping her clients “go-OO” or co-leading the Atlanta chapter of Ladies that UX or just hanging out with her two cats and fiance Luke.

Before founding Rewired, Sophia led UX efforts for clients such as AT&T, Napa Auto Parts, the Internal Revenue Service, the Australian Tax Office, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. She also served on the CNN.com UX team, most notably architecting the responsive design that presented results for the 2012 presidential elections. In 2016, Sophia returned to CNN.com as a consultant, leading the UX for last year’s election night.

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For a look at the event schedule and raving reviews from past participants, head over to the OOUX Masterclass on Eventbrite. AWDG members get $100 off with the promo code love4AWDG.